Are you looking to find out what is needed to have your dog or cat listed with us?

Attending our annual open audition event is the only public way to join our roster. Auditions are run every year in January/February. Email inquiries are typically not responded to. Please follow us on Facebook to see when we have auditions opening up and how to apply.


we need…


This year we are looking for cats cats cats. Hoping to add 10 new cats to our roster.
Again meeting all breeds of dogs, but hoping for some of these especially :
  • Giant XL breeds
  • Greater swiss mountain dogs
  • Old English Sheep dogs
  • Large accomplished doodles (I know but I dont make the rules lol)
  • A Yellow lab
  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Great Danes
The criteria as always :
  • Solid sit, down, stay, come when called
  • All of those behaviors can be done 10-20 feet from handler
  • Safe off leash
  • Safe around other dogs
  • Safe around kids
  • No male aggression
Things that get you booked more often :
  • Flexible schedule
  • Being double vaxxed (not my rules) or willing to accommodate covid testing in Toronto



Please join us on Facebook and apply when we have auditions opening up. This typically occurs January/February every year.
Messages will only be responded to at the time when we are booking auditions.
At that point send us a DM on the Toronto Animal Wranglers Facebook page or email us at
That DM or Email should include:
  • Dog/Cat name
  • Photo
  • Size/weight
  • Training ability
  • Videos are always a plus!
Submissions that do not include the first 4 requirements will not be responded to.
Cant wait to see who we meet this year!